Debate Flares Over Prize Money Equality at SUP Competitions

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female supThe folks at SUP Connect have been keeping their ears close to the ground on a particular topic that’s gaining a bit of heat in the SUP world. Should male and female SUP competitors receive equal prize money? Conversations are arising across cyber and fleshspace offering all manner of input on the question, and SUP Connect highlights four prominent positions that have been established.

First is the position that prize money should be equal between both genders. Not much elaboration needed for that one. The opposing position holds that due to the greater number of male competitors, prize money should not be equal. The third position maintains that prize money should be proportional to the amount of money that male and female SUP boarders bring to the industry as a whole. The fourth position that has arisen maintains that while male and female competitors should be awarded equally, a deeper field of male competitors should receive cash prizes due to the greater pool of competitors.

It’s interesting to note the number of opinions that allude to the disparity in numbers between males and females in the sport. One wonders whether prize money equality in SUP competitions won’t serve to stimulate more female participation.

via SUP Connect