Laceration Hazard Forces Gerber to Recall Bear Grylls Machete

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parang machetePortland, Ore. – Gerber Legendary Blades, Inc. has issued a product recall for its Bear Grylls Parang Machete with stitched sheath. According to the recall notice, the Parang machete has been found to be able to cut through the stitching of the sheath, posing a laceration hazard. Eight incidents of lacerations to users’ hands and fingers have been reported. Three of those injuries required stitches.

Swiss Army Knife Brands to Merge

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victorinox ranger 625x640Delemont and Ibach, Switzerland – Wenger and Victorinox, both makers of Swiss Army Knives, will merge into one company starting in 2014. The two brands have been under the same umbrella company for 10 years, and most consumers have no idea of the differences between either one, according to Victorinox CEO Carl Elsener.

Gnu Recalls 2012/2013 Snowboard Bindings

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gnu agro greenSeattle, Wash. - Gnu is recalling several of its 2012/2013 snowboard bindings after it was discovered that the ankle straps can crack, creating an unsafe fall hazard. The bindings were sold at retailers and online between August 2012 and March 2013, and include men's, women's and youth sizes. In total, 13 styles were affected, but only the 2012/2013 versions of those styles. Gnu has a full list of affected styles and SKU numbers on its website, along with instructions for getting replacement bindings. About 6,800 pairs of the faulty bindings were sold in the US, and 1,200 in Canada. Gnu hopes to replace all bindings by September 2013.

Polartec Partners with CF Stinson, Comes Full Circle

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fit by polartecLawrence, Mass. – Performance textile company Polartec, LLC has teamed up with contract fabric company C.F. Stinson, Inc. in its return to the contract upholstery business. The fruit of this partnership, C.F. Stinson’s “Fit by Polartec” collection utilizing Polartec fabrics, will be debuted at NeoCon in Chicago this June.

Kuat Racks Offers Larger Sizes for Popular Dirtbag Model

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Kuat-Dirtbag-Bike-RackSpringfield, Mo. – Kuat Racks announced two new sizes for its economical bike rack, the Dirtbag. The traditional 9mm model fits standard road and mountain bikes. The two new sizes are 15mm and 20mm for bikes with bigger forks.

The Dirtbag is a $13, simple metal rack that can be bolted anywhere from moving vehicles to garages. The rack works by taking the place of the front wheel of a bike. Users remove the front wheel, then mount the bike's fork to the Dirtbag, using the bike's skewer to clamp the frame onto the rack.

ParksByNature Brings Apps to National Trails Day

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pocket ranger phonesSilver Springs, Md. – Mobile developer ParksByNature has partnered with the American Hiking Society to make its apps available for National Trails Day on June 1. The AHS hopes that trail-goers will use the apps to document and share their experiences.

ParksByNature has developed a total of 26 different free apps, collectively called Pocket Ranger, and shares AHS' dedication to promoting and protecting America's trails and their surrounding natural areas. The apps allow hikers to track and record trails, mark specific points along the way, and view the time elapsed and distance traveled since the beginning of the hike. They also download cached park maps and trail information, so hikers can access guides without cell reception.

Drift HD Ghost Camera Can Now Dive Deeper

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drift innovationEagle, Colo. – While action camera manufacturer Drift Innovation’s HD Ghost can already be submerged to a depth of nine feet out of the box, the company has increased the device’s submersion depth to 197 feet with the release of its new Waterproof Case.

The extended depth and extra protection provided by the accessory allow the camera to be used for a broader range of activities including deep-water diving, big wave surfing and wakeboarding, among others.

Nemo Wants Everyone to Get On Board With Tent Topographics

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Nemo EquipmentDover, N.H. – Outdoor equipment manufacturer Nemo is working with the Outdoor Industry Association’s (OIA) ASTM Working Group to change the way tent manufacturers communicate product specs.

Typically the only information available to consumers when purchasing a tent are the weight, floor area and peak height. However, the folks at Nemo believe this doesn’t fully capture the livable space of a tent.

Would you pay almost $1,000 for a Gucci bike helmet?

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gucci-bike-helmet-1It's not entirely new for high-fashion labels to court the outdoor industry. Chanel has made ski boots for a few years now. Kate Spade designs bicycles. And Gucci started the trend in 2001 with a line of athletic surfboards, so the designer is no stranger to the outdoor world. The $960 helmet (pictured right) is part of Gucci's latest line. It's a collaboration with Italian bicycle maker Bianchi, and you can get it in - get this - black OR white.

So does an industry that prizes performance above everything really care about fashion? Especially when adding said fashionable label also adds hundreds of dollars? Before you make up your mind, check out the rest of the collection, hosted in a slideshow here by The Active Times.

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