OR Assembles Well-Established Marketing Team

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OR Marketing TeamOutdoor Retailer has assembled a new marketing team of Senior Marketing Director Liz Crawford, Marketing Director Margie Lelvis and Marketing Manager Jennifer Holcomb.

Crawford brings more than 24 years of experience in business-to-business and consumer marketing, strategic management and business development. She will apply these skills to oversee and run all aspects of OR marketing ensuring the show evolves with the current and future needs of the marketplace.

Lelvis previously worked at OR's parent company, The Nielsen Company as senior digital marketing manager. Working with OR Lelvis will be responsible for attendee and exhibitor online, mobile and social media engagement tools and platforms.

Initiatives related to the All Mountain and Open Air Demos will be managed by Holcomb as well as, on-site business zones and partnerships with media partners. She joins with nearly a decade of experience as an editor and writer for SUP trade, consumer, and business-focused publications and audiences.

Altogether the team will coordinate efforts with Soar Communications, OR's external marketing communications partner.

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