Urs Stalder Promoted to CEO of Sanitized AG as Brand Revamps Product

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Urs StalderUrs Stalder has been appointed as CEO of Sanitized AG, a Swiss-based provider of antimicrobial material protection. Stalder has been with the brand for 20 years and was previously marketing manager, as well as a member of the brand's executive management team.

As CEO, Stalder will focus strategy on innovation and development of new technologies while strengthening the brand's current services. Sanitized AG will continue to work with brands such as The North Face and Levi's as they present new products, including the recently improved Sanitized 22-27 treatment in the North American market.

The antimicrobial treatment is a textile finish for use on synthetic and wool fabrics in direct skin contact that may require high-wash durability. Uses include underwear, work wear, outdoor wear and shoes.

Sanitized TH 22-27 is designed to destabilize the bacterial cell well and deactivate bacteria that cause unpleasant odors. This creates a built in deodorant effect. Additionally, Sanitized AG touts the sustainability features of the treatment. According the company, clothes require less frequent washing, reducing water and energy expenditures. With less washing the products last longer cutting down on unnecessary consumption.

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