Outdoor Retailer Release Results of Collective Voice Survey

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collective voiceFollowing the Summer Market in August, Outdoor Retailer (OR) and Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) collected and analyzed input from more than 3,000 tradeshow stakeholders in order to understand the needs of the industry as OR continues to outgrow its current facilities in Salt Lake City.

Unfortunately, industry favorites like Salt Lake City and Denver are currently too small to house the tradeshow in a single venue. According to Kenji Haroutunian, Nielsen Expo Outdoor Group VP and OR show director, conversations will continue with officials in those cities while other venue options that are large enough for OR are being pursued.

2013 Summit for Someone Adds Seven New Climbs

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big city mountaineerBig City Mountaineers has reached the ninth year of its Summit for Someone fundraising climb series. Donations made to climbers go toward improving the lives of under-privileged, urban youth through wilderness mentoring expeditions.

Along with an updated website and new sponsors, seven new climbs have been added to this year’s Summit for Someone roster, including international destinations like Everest base camp, Aconcagua and Ecuador Volcanoes.

Sales Rep Association Launches 2013 Grant Program

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The Eastern Outdoor Reps Association (EORA) is launching its Outdoor Opportunity Grant Program beginning January 2013. With the grant program, the association hopes to support non-profit organizations in-need that are located within the three eastern regions EORA serves: New England, the Mid-Atlantic and the Southeast. Each region will have access to grant funding of up to $1,000, and applicants must be a charitable non-profit organization with IRS 501(c)(3) status.

To apply, visit EORA.org or contact the EORA offices at 828-252-7956. The application deadline is October 31, 2012. All accepted applications will be notified by December 31, 2012.

Textile Exchange Releases Content Claim Standard

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textile exchange Textile Exchange has written the Content Claim Standard (CCS) as a tool for companies to establish a chain of custody for the materials in their products. Using transaction certificates to track the input and output at each step, the standard sets requirements to ensure that the integrity of the ‘claimed’ materials are protected as the material moves from source to finished product.

Textile Exchange has partnered with Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) to review the standard through the Materials Traceability Working Group (MTWG), a subset of the broader OIA Sustainability Working Group (SWG).

OIA Extends Ultimatum Deadline for Utah Gov. Gary Herbert

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gary herbertThree Utah government officials traveled to Boulder, CO to meet with the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) to continue discussion of the organization’s ultimatum: Gov. Gary Herbert must drop the threat to take over federal lands or risk losing the bi-annual shows that inject more than $40 million yearly into the state economy.

The controversial legislation signed by Herbert in March 2012 demands the federal government cede control of public lands in Utah by 2014 to open more space for motor vehicles and energy development. There is nearly 4,700 square miles of land at stake.

Illinois Becomes First Midwest State to Enact Benefit Corporation Legislation

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Governor Pat Quinn signed the Benefit Corporation Bill into law, making Illinois the tenth state in the nation and first in the Midwest to enact the legislation. The nine other states represent both coasts and the South.

The law creates a new class of corporation—benefit corporations—that are given legal protection to create value for society, not just shareholders, while agreeing to higher standard of accountability and transparency.

The legislation will take effect on January 1, 2013.

USGS Scientists Explore Ocean Acidification in Arctic Ocean

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reefAcidification can disturb the balance of marine life in the world’s oceans, and consequently, affect humans and animals that rely on those food resources. Oceans currently absorb about one-fourth of the greenhouse gas from the atmosphere. Ocean acidification occurs when carbon dioxide (CO2) increases in the atmosphere and is absorbed by the sea. The Arctic Ocean is one of the most vulnerable places on the planet for acidification, yet it is the least-explored.

The USGS is leading this project, and this is the third consecutive year of research. On this year's expedition, scientists will travel onboard the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Healy for four weeks, collecting water and ice samples.

Astral Buoyancy Partners With Darby Communications

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Astral BuoyancyAsheville, NC – Asheville-based purveyors of personal flotation devices, Astral Buoyancy, is teaming up with neighboring PR firm Darby Communications. The firm will broadcast Astral’s message of socially aware designs to the outdoor and river sports communities by sharing information on the brand and their products.

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